Pilates by Ju

Pilates classes run by Julieann, online and around Warwick, Hampton Magna, Barford and Wellesbourne

About Ju

My initial interest in sport and exercise started when I was 6, I swam competitively until I was in my early 20’s. I also dabbled in other sports including Martial Arts, Horse riding, Life saving and Running.

In my mid twenties I got the Triathlon bug and enjoyed Cycle Time Trialling (National championship level), Triathlons (world age group level), running and gym work as part of the training.

I seem to have always had something to do with teaching sport/exercise. It started in my teens, I was volunteering at Swimming clubs teaching and coaching this developed into Full time work (multi discipline), then to part-time whilst holding down another job. Now I do volunteer work, teach swimming to schools, teach exercise classes and enjoy being a busy Mum.

I have been working in the fitness industry for 30+ years, in voluntary, full and part-time roles. I’m not really sure where the time has gone.

I got into Pilates around 2010, I was having back problems and had a number of possible causes. After going from a very physical job role to sitting all day, 2 pregnancies and then the carrying of car seats etc..the years of pushing my body, racing, and hours of high impact teaching everything had taken it’s toll and had made negative changes to my posture.

Pilates has helped me overcome pain, and I feel fitter, stronger and healthier than I have ever felt before.

I teach matwork and studio equipment Pilates

Qualifications relating to Sport

Stott Osteoporosis on the Reformer

Stott foundational movement pattening warm up, matwork, reformer

Stott Injuries and specialist populations
Stott Scoleosis
Stott Osteoperosis
Stott Matwork for Golf
Stott Myofascial release Instructor
Stott Cadillac certified
Stott Matwork Pilates certified Instructor
Stott certified Reformer Pilates Instructor
Stott certified Chair instructor
Stott certified barells instructor
Stott CORE L1 Instructor
Stott CORE Dryland performance training for swimmers
Stott CORE Distance runners
Stott Matworks with Weights
Stott Arc Barrell
Stott Armchair Pilates
Stott Prenatal Pilates matwork with stability ball and flexband
Stott Prenatal Pilates on the mat
Stott Postnatal Pilates with matwork and toning balls
YMCA Exercise to Music
L3 Older adult award
Step Reebok Instructor
NVQ L2 Nutrition and Health
YMCA Exercise/Fitness/ guidance testing
NVQ L3 Advice and Guidance
NVQ D32/33 Assessors award
British Triathlon Association L1 Coach
Weights Instructor (British Power Lifting)
Weights Instructor (Fitness Factory Intermediate and Advanced)
Institute of Sport and Recreational Management (Member and Diploma Member) L6
ASA Swim Teacher
ASA Prelim club coach
ASA Advanced Teacher
ASA Preliminary Tutor
Badminton Leader
Volleyball Leader
ASA Aquafit Teacher

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